Glumpat is what Austrians would colloquially call "Stuff".
This is exactly what this is - my stuff. Stuff I use on a daily basis. Stuff I really like. People keep asking me "This looks cool! What is it and where do I get it?"
This website is for them.


I like my workspace to be pretty. What better way to accomplish that than to move to a nice, customizable window manager. And a bunch of equally customizable tools.


i3-gaps is the window manager of choice. Its tiling, and with some effort its even pretty.


Polybar is a nice, customizable status bar.


Rofi is a dmenu replacement and allows you to start apps, switch between windows, or both.


To display notifications you need a notification manager. Dunst does the job.


When you use keyboard shortcuts everywhere already, why not use a file manager that supports it?


A maintained fork of compton, a window compositor for X


I wanted a minimalist terminal manager that is fast, and Alacritty fits the bill.

nord color scheme

Nord is my favorite color scheme. I use it for everything.


There are so many possibilities to customize your CLI. Make it pretty. Make it more useful. Make it fun. Below are a number of projects that do just that.


ZSH is a shell that has a bunch of nice features when compared to bash, such as better completion and globbing.


The new ZSH plugin manager of choice. A bit complicated, but powerful once you get the hang of it.

starship prompt

A blazing fast prompt written in Rust. Inspired by spaceship.


A terminal multiplexer. Allows you to save sessions, have split panes and other helpful stuff.


Manage your dotfiles using git. No dependencies required, its just bash. Various dotfiles are organized into castles.

the fuck

Magnificent app that corrects your typos. Absolutely required for any command line.


A quintessential tool that makes putting emojis everywhere much easier.


Command line fuzzy finder. Improves history and file search. You need this.


Fuzzy tab completions that just work. Magnificent. You need this also.


An improved cd command that uses FZF to make fuzzy cd possible.


A command line JSON processor.


A simple, usable HTTP client for the command line.


A wrapper around git that makes working with GitHub easier.


A meta version manager. Allows you to manager multiple runtime versions with a single tool.

you should use

This nifty tool reminds you to use your aliases.


Vim is a wonderful text editor, once you get the hang of it. Extensible by plugins, and highly configurable. You may notice I appear to be using a lot of plugins. Do I really need all of those? Probably not to be honest.

vim plug

The vim plugin manager of choice. Has some nice features such as on-demand loading of plugins.

vim airline

Nice status/tabline for Vim. Lots of themes available.

nord vim

The preferred theme. Consistent with the default color scheme.

rainbow parenthesis

Not only pretty, but also helpful. Probably the simplest rainbow parenthesis plugin.

vim sensible

Sane defaults everyone can agree on.

vim surround

Makes surrounding things much easier. Super, super useful.

vim unimpaired

Makes moving around in Vim more fun. Adds a bunch of very helpful shortcuts

vim commentary

Another Tim Pope plugin. This helps - you guessed it - with commenting stuff.

vim gitgutter

Sweet git integration within Vim. Shows you changed lines and lets you stage and unstage hunks.


As soon as you spend a certain amount of time in Vim you want a nice file browser. Thats NERDTree for you.


Makes aligning text much easier.


Finally! Tab autocompletions that just work. A must have.


The intellisense engine for Vim. The best completion plugin I have used so far.


Asynchronous syntax checking for Vim. Kind of mandatory if you want to edit anything beyond textfiles.

vim grammarous

Helps you suck less at grammar. Ties in nicely with spellcheck.

vim markdown

If you write a lot of markdown, this will make your life just a bit easier.

vim markdown preview

Nice and easy live preview for Markdown. Supports different styles.

vim polyglot

I kinda got sick of installing plugins for various different languages. This plugin add support for all of them.


A light weight Latex plugin for Vim. Nothing too fancy.


I had to write a bunch of HTML and JS recently, and in those instances you need emmet.

vim snippets

This is where the snippets for UltiSnips come from.

vim peekaboo

Find it hard to keep track of the contents of your registers? This plugin's got your back.

vim asterisk

Nice plugin that improves asterisk searches.


A small plugin that improves incremental search in an unobstrusive way.

vim gutentags

This helpful plugin automatically generates tags for you source code.

vim tmux navigator

Seamless navigation between Vim and other panes within Tmux.


VimWiki is a personal wiki for Vim. For diaries, knowledge bases and more.

The Graveyard

Some things are not meant to last. Time changes many things, including tool preferences. Sometimes you dont need a particular tool anymore. Sometimes you find something that does the same job - but better. Its still nice to look back from time to time and remember your old friends. This section lists all the tools that I used to use. May they rest in peace.



ZSH package managers come and go. This one had to go.

Spaceship Prompt


Starship is the better spaceship. Fly away!



Sorry you got replaced by Coc.vim



ALE does everything you did faster and better. Farewell.



A younger, more featureful vim plugin manager came along, so I had to let you go.



The entire family of version managers (pyenv, nvm, rbenv) was superceded by asdf-vm.



I started using you and almost immediately moved to zplug. I'm so sorry little one.



If you don't use Java anymore, the Java tools get taken out back and shot.


My name is Hans Schnedlitz.

I created Glumpat to give people some insight into the tools I use on a daily basis. I really enjoy my stuff, and I wanted an easy way to share my personal stack.

The project is a Github organisation that consists of a homeshick castle Dotfiles, which contains configuration files for all my tools and also some useful little scripts. Please do poke around.

There is also a repository containing a script for automatically setting up the whole stack. Check it out on Github.

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